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Hair Colouring Disclaimer

Updated: Apr 4

I always do my best to achieve your hair goal in our allocated appointment time. Here are some things to keep in mind before booking:

  • Everyone's hair is unique which means that your hair can react differently to the same colour formula & techniques that are used on a different client.

  • The overall result of your hair colour will be affected if you any of the below in your hair:

    • Bleach or colour (done at home or by other professionals)

    • Treatments (such as perms, permanent straightening or keratin treatments)It's important to be honest with what you had done so that I do not over process & compromise your hair.

  • In some cases, it will not be realistic to achieve your goal in one session as I have to prioritise your hair's health. I am also limited by how much time we have in each appointment (the maximum time in one sitting is 8 hours). We can come up with a plan together so that your hair will look good after each appointment.

  • The total price of your service WILL NOT be discounted if your exact goal is not achieved. I will always give an honest consultation on what is achievable prior to your appointment & we will recap at the beginning of your appointment to make sure we are both on the same page. It is important that you are happy & understand your consultation before I start the colouring process. Usually you will be invited back for a corrective service if we are both unhappy with the results in relation to the hair goal. This will be a complimentary service where you will be charge for products but not for labour.

  • Things to consider: the number of sessions needed, the cost, at home maintenance, maintenance appointments & future costs.

  • For big colour transformations, I will usually block out the whole day to ensure that we have all the time needed to get as close to your goal as possible.

  • If you are unhappy with the final outcome of your hair & it wasn't my fault, you will need to book in for another service at full price. A couple examples:

    • You changed your mind at the end of your appointment & want an entirely different colour.

    • The end result isn't exactly like the reference photos & you were previously advised that this may be the case due to your hair at the start of the appointment.

I want all of you feeling more confident after your visit with me so if you are unhappy with your hair, please do not suffer in silence. Send me an email to discuss - please keep your language respectful & constructive on what you would like me to do.

In most cases, we would have had a discussion on how you feel at the end of the appointment so I will be expecting your email or I will check in with you after a certain amount of days/weeks.


Updated April 2024.

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