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Haircut & Styling

If you'd like to book a haircut & styling appointment you can do so here. If you'd like a specific date/time please email & I will send over additional availability.

I have made the decision to price my services hourly. This way a client with thick long hair will not be charged the same as someone with fine short hair. If you have extremely thick &/or long hair, please let me know beforehand so that I can block out some extra time for your service.

My haircuts are priced at £60 per hour, with £45 being the minimum charge for a dry cut without styling. My price covers the cost of my rent & products, as well as my experience & personal style of cutting.

My services are more bespoke than a traditional haircut appointment meaning that your haircut will be tailored to your needs. Each haircut will start with an in depth consultation to make sure we are both on the same page. The haircut will be custom to your personal style. Your hair length & thickness will be taken into consideration & advise will be given prior to any hair cutting to make sure that you get the most ideal haircut for your lifestyle.



Heat Styling

A temporary style for a special occasion - popular styles include loose curls, blowout look & straightening.


  • Heat styling on clean dry hair £30, approx 30 mins

  • Hair wash, blowdry & heat styling £50, approx 50 mins

For a sleek blowdry or hair up, please book in with Ellie's (the salon that I'm based at).


Dry cut

A quick & cost efficient haircut option. Come with clean hair without any products. Please make sure you wash your hair before you come to your appointment.

I do recommend coming in with how you'd normally style/wear your hair so that I can cut your hair accordingly (e.g let your hair air dry if that's what you do after each wash, or use a diffuser/blowdry/straighten your hair if that is what you normally do)

  • Without styling: £45, approx 45 mins

  • With styling: £60, approx 1 hour


Haircut with wash

Come as you are, no need to wash your hair beforehand as you will have your hair washed at your appointment.

  • With wash & rough dry/basic blowdry: £80, approx 1hour 20mins

Basic blowdry or rough dry included. Heat styling is not included.

  • With wash & curly blowdry/styling: £110, approx 1hour 50mins

Blowdry (inc curly/wavy blowdries) & heat styling is included in this service.

Please note that if your haircut service takes less time than anticipated, there will be less cost at checkout. In the same way that if it takes more time (specifically for extremely thick hair), it may cost more.


Short short haircut - classic men's cuts, pixie cuts & similar

I'm personally not the most skilled at these haircuts. I recommend going to Ellie's (the salon that I'm based at).


End of "Haircut & Styling" list.

Updated April 2024.

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