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Looking for another hairdresser?

Updated: 5 days ago

I've compiled a list of hairdressers for my clients who are looking for an alternative. I will keep updating this list as I find more inspiring hairdressers/salons in the UK.

Please note:

  • I am not obliged or affiliated to post any of these hairdressers/salons - I either follow their work on social media or was recommended to them by my clients.

  • I would highly recommend doing your own research before booking.

Why am I doing this?

  1. Availability - I understand that over the years, my availability has become very limited & may not be the best fit for your schedule.

  2. Pricing - As an independent hairdresser, I have to increase my prices to sustain my business long term. I understand that everyone has their own budget & I do not want my clients to feel stuck.

  3. Looking for a change - While I am beyond grateful to all my clients, I don't expect you to stay loyal to only me. There are plenty of talented hairdressers in London & the UK. I am more than happy for you to experience all the hair things you want to enjoy! You can always come back to me for future appointments when things align for both of us 🤍

Being an independent stylist has it's pros & cons.

Let's talk about it.

A pro for me is that I get to tailor each appointment to suit your needs & a con to that would be that my appointments take longer to fulfil which then affects my overall availability.

Since I started my journey as a hairdresser, I have made the decision to work less days at the salon as being self employed requires me to do other tasks when I'm not working on clients. Even though I'm in the salon 3 to 4 days a week, I spend most days at home:

  • Creating & scheduling content for social media (marketing)

  • Emailing

  • Ordering stock & supplies

  • Accounting

  • Making sure I'm on top of everything on the business side

I am also responsible to give myself a sustainable & healthy work/life balance. So with all that in mind, I have reduced my availability at the salon.

To give some perspective, I used to work 6+ days a week in my hairdressing studio, often working 10 to 12 hour days. Now I work 3 to 4 days a week, renting a chair at Ellie's, generally working up to 8 to 9 hours a day.

In terms of my pricing:

The price of life has been going up quite frequently in the last few years. Companies have increased the price of their products. Rent goes up every year in line with inflation.

Other than costs going up, my skills & knowledge are constantly evolving & improving so I have factor that in to my pricing as well.

& finally, as we all know, our at home costs (bills in particular) have also increased over the last few years & even months. While this is something that is not your concern at all, I do need to factor it in when it comes to pricing. In a similar way that I would consider my salary if I were to be employed.

I hope this shares some insight into my thought process & that you find this list helpful.



  • Ellie's Hair & Beauty (My hair home) Yes, I rent a chair at this salon & I may be biased as I love my hair family. I see their work first hand so I can say with good faith that I am a fan of their work. I particularly love their highlights & blonding for the natural lived in look, full head colours & they do the smoothest bounciest blowdries. Their services uses what I would consider more traditional techniques, every service has a set time meaning you do not need to worry if your appt runs over as all the stylists are quick & efficient while delivering professional results. They work with all hair textures. Not suitable if you are looking to go from dark hair to ash blonde in one session. Book here

  • Harry Lee at Base Hair Salon A fellow Malaysian Chinese hairdresser in London! I have not met Harry in person but we have chatted a few times with hopes to meet each other one day. He does a lot of big transformation work on Asian hair. Harry has now opened his own salon & has a team so they will have more availability. You can find more info on Harry's Instagram.

  • The Good Salon My clients & followers have mentioned this salon to me multiple times & I have since follow their work on Instagram. They have hairdressers from Italy, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan & Hong Kong. A lot of their clients are Asian & they offer beautiful blonding services as well as more edgy styles. I also love their soft layered haircuts. I personally have not had any interactions with their team & I'm pretty sure they have no idea who I am (lol) - I'm just a fan girl who adores their work

  • H-Lab private boutique (Ladies only) A private space for 1 to 1 appointments. She works with a lot of Asian hair & creates dimensional/lived in styles - perfect for lower maintenance clients looking to go longer in between appointments. I found H-Lab on Google maps as I used to live down the road back when I worked from home. We have spoken online a few times & now we mainly support each other through comments on Instagram. Unfortunately my current salon does not have the space to offer a private area for me & my clients who requires privacy. I also do not have control on when males will be present at the salon. H-Lab would be a great option for anyone who requires privacy for their hair appointment.

  • Grace at Ikkar Hair Salon (not me) Another Grace who slays at hair! Some of my clients had gone to Grace previously so I got to see her work up close & I was impressed with her blonding work. Main reason my clients decided to switch to me was because we had similar vibes, nothing to do skill. I love her soft layered haircuts with face framing & she also offers perming services to compliment the haircuts Grace's Instagram for more info

  • Troy at Arcana Studios London I found Troy on my TikTok fyp & have fell in love with his work. The appointments are time efficient & results are usually blended which makes for a seamless regrowth. I also feel that his pricing is extremely fair especially for London.

  • Jeju hair Jeju is one of those places that I hear about in & out of the salon. I personally don't know too much about this salon but I love their work on socials & I've heard good things about Jeju from clients & friends. Their bio - "We do all usual hair services with extensive experience in Digital Perming and Japanese hair straightening." Jeju's website for more info




  • Jessica Faria Hair Studio Jess & I went to hair school together & she kept me sane throughout the course! Now she has her own hair studio in Didcot, Oxfordshire.


  • Mel at HX hair Mel & I were both Fanola Artists at the same time. Her creative colour work inspires me to keep trying new things with my clients.


Updated April 2024

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