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Orange/copper colour conditioner

Updated: Apr 4

Colour conditioners are a great way to refresh your colour at home & keep your hair vibrant in between appointments

The 2 that I recommend are Fanola Copper Flow Colour Mask & Maria Nila Bright Copper Colour Refresh - more on each one below

Great for these services:

  • Full head colour (no bleach) - copper, red & some brown tones.

  • Any services with pre-lightening/bleach - balayage, full head highlights, peekaboo, etc

You could even use these on your natural copper hair or if you have naturally light brown or blonde hair.

How to use:

  • Use on clean hair without any products in

  • You can incorporate this in your hair wash routine by shampooing your hair (as you would normally do), squeeze out all the water & towel dry your hair, then apply conditioner on damp hair - comb through for more even application, & rinse. Alternate each wash with your regular conditioner to keep your hair nourished. Colour conditioners are not known for their deep conditioning qualities.

  • If you prefer more colour pigment, you can use it on clean/dry hair

Keep in mind that if you use any colour conditioner on wet hair, you will be diluting the product (with the water in the hair) - meaning less colour deposits onto your hair.

If you're worried, you can do a test strand.

It's ok if it comes out a bit brighter than expected as it will wash out & fade with each shampoo/hair wash.


Fanola Copper Flow Colour Mask

This mask is super vibrant & tends to lean on the orange red side of copper.

For a less intense pigment, you can dilute this colour mask with any colourless colour conditioner.

For a deeper, even more red copper tone, you can add the Fanola Red Passion (or your preferred red colour conditioner) to your mix.


Maria Nila Bright Copper Colour Refresh

This colour mask is more of a natural copper tone.

Personally I prefer using this one on dry hair or hair that is 90% dry as it is a lot less intense in comparison to the Fanola mask. Reflects more orange copper with hardly any red tones.


Hope you found this post helpful!

Updated April 2023

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