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Skin Test Policy

All clients will need to complete a Colourstart skin test prior to booking in any colour services. Appointments will not be reserved or booked in if you do not have a valid skin test as per my insurance policy

Since 2022, the laws on skin testing has changed in the UK. This is mainly because Covid can change your immune system & alter what you may be allergic to in the past. More clients across the UK were having more severe reactions such as 3rd degree burns to hair dye in the last few years.

My insurance company (Freelance Hairdressers' Association) requires all clients to have a skin test once a year. If your last colour appointment is within the last year, then you will not need a skin test - although I would recommend getting a skin test done if you have had any medical changes since your last colour appointment.

Since renting a chair in 2023, I have discontinued in person skin test appointments as I do not have the capacity & resources to accommodate everyone (sorry 🙁)


Colourstart skin test is valid for 1 year.

Then after, you will need to complete a questionnaire before each colour service to see if you need to complete a new skin test - usually if you did not experience any medical changes, you won't need to do another test.

You can read more about Colourstart on their website:

Purchase a skin test here:

You will need to share your account/results with "Basic Bleech" so that I can see your results.

If you have already completed a Colourstart skin test for another salon, please share your results with "Basic Bleech". Tips:

  • Complete the Colourstart screening questionnaire before your purchase to see if you are compatible to use their skin test.

  • The skin test takes approx 5 days to complete. This does not including shipping times. You are responsible for completing your skin test in due time prior to your colour appointment.

Please note that I am not affiliated with Colourstart.

For any issues with your skin test, please contact them directly:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I sign a waiver form?

Unfortunately my insurance policy does not accept waiver forms. It is also irresponsible for me to put your health at risk (e.g. you may have an allergic reaction during your colour appointment)

Can I bleach or colour a test strand of my hair before my appointment?

I do not do this before your colour appointment but I can do it at your appointment if necessary. If you really want a test strand before your appointment, you can cut off a small/unnoticeable amount of hair from your head & send it in/drop it off at the salon. I will test the strands & send you photos/feedback of the results via email.


Updated April 2024.

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